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Raj Rajeshwari Resort Photo Gallery

Kasaar Devi Temple

Kasaar Devi Temple is 2 Kms away from Binsar County (Raj Rajeshwari – Resort and Restaurant). It is believed that this temple was built by a king named Rudrak. Kasaar Devi Temple is mentioned in Skanda Purana. Kasar Devi is a temple on the Kashyap Hills, 7 km North from Almora, where Swami Vivekananda once came to meditate in the late 19th century. This place is also famous for magnificent view of Himalayas and the breathtaking night view of Almora city.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary was setup in 1988, is spread over 45.59 km² and situated at an altitude varying 900 to 2500 metres with an average height of 2412 mts. Binsar is rich in its flora and fauna. The slopes have a varying expanse and the terrain has been shaped by the action of running water.The sanctuary has been declared an “Important Bird Area by Bird life International”. There are more than 200 bird species in the sanctuary, including Forktail, Blackbirds, Laughing Thrush, Kalij Pheasant, Nuthatches, Parakeets and Monal.The dense Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of 200 bird species, Barking Deer, Himalayan bear, leapord, fox, musk deer, langur, porcupine, flying squirrel, chital, jungle cat etc.

Simtola Eco-Park

Simtola Eco-Park is a popular spot for camping and picnicking and it is on a walking distance from Binsar County, Almora. The ravishing views of the mountains covered with pine and deodar trees are enchanting from Simtola.

Chitai Temple

Chitai Temple is the temple of Golu Devta. Golu Devta is known as the god of justice. This temple is located at Almora Pithoragarh Highway at the distance of 3 Kilometers from Binsar County (Raj Rajeshwari – Resort & Restaurant) This is a holy place in Uttarakhand. Golu Dev is supposed to be the incarnation of lord Shiva and He is worshiped all over the region as a lord of justice. There is the large number of bells hanging in premises of the Chatai Temple. These bells are hung by the devotees as offerings making a wish or in thanksgiving on the fulfillment of one’s wish.

Gairar Temple

This temple is centuries old and the diety is held in high esteem by the local people. From Gairar, a walk up the ridge to a small temple lost in the forest and then down to the village of Dalar.

Jageshwar Temple

Jageshwar temple is around 36 kms from Binsar County (Raj Rajeshwari – Resort and Restaurant) and is believed to be among the twelve Jyotirlinga or the holy sites of Shiva in the country. Jageshwar consists of clusters of ancient temples surrounded by deodar trees. According to Hindu mythology, deodar tree is believed to be the place where Lords reside and by paying homage to the Lord at such a place purifies a devotee of all his sins – just like the water of a drain gets purified when it mixes with a holy river.

Vriddha Jageshwar

This temple about 3 km uphill Jageshwar, called the Old Shiva, is said to be the abode of Shiva before he came down to Jageshwar. The unremitting peace they emanate is one of the most fascinating aspect about both Jageshwar and Vriddha Jageshwar.


Kausani is a getaway for Himalayan travelers. It is placed 120 Km from Nainital, 56 km Northern of Binsar County (Raj Rajeshwari – Resort & Restaurant). This position provides a 350 km perspective of the Himalayan snow peaks East to North from Nepal like Trishul, Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Pindari Glacier, Neel Kanth, Kedarnath, Chaukhambha and Panchchuli. The perspective is so extra ordinary that one gets a sensation of the snowfall being within pressing range. There are very few locations in the Himalayas which can evaluate with the great thing about Kausani – a charming slope position well-known for its picturesque attractiveness.


Ranikhet is located at Distance of 55 Kilometers from Binsar County (Raj Rajeshwari – Resort & Restaurant), gets its name from a local legend, which states that it was here, that Raja Sudhardev won the heart of his queen, Rani Padmini, who subsequently chose the area for her residence, giving it the name, Ranikhet, though no palace exists in the area. There many place like golf ground, Hairakhan Temple and Majkhali near Ranikhet which has always been the reason of attraction for tourists.